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5 Cute and Easy 1 Minute Hairstyles for Fall - Faith in Home

5 Cute and Easy 1 Minute Hairstyles for Fall

By: Amanda Frittz

1. Tucked Side Braid

Just tuck the front section of your hair behind your ear and braid away for this hairstyle. Make sure that you tuck your hair before you begin braiding to avoid any awkward bumps.

2. Twist and Clip

For this look just grab a small section of your hair from the front of your face and twist it, repeat this step with the other side and pin both sides back with a cute hair accessory

3, Messy Bun with a Scrunchie

For this look just do a messy bun as you normally would but add a scrunchie to help accessorize your outfit. My tip for messy buns is to start you with a slick and tight bun and start to pull at pieces of hair until you get the desired look.

4. Half Knot with a Hidden Hairpin

This look is just as easy as the rest but looks special and unique. The secret trick is to get a dangly hairpin and tuck it behind your half knot.

5. Add a Scarf to Spice up Your Hairstyle

Make a normal low or high pony extra cute by concealing your hair tie with a scarf.

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