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5 Reasons I'm NOT a Minimalist - Faith in Home

5 Reasons I’m NOT a Minimalist

By: Amanda Frittz

Minimalism has been all the rage recently and I’m not surprised it’s caught on with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram showcasing only perfectly clean and clutter-free homes. Don’t get me wrong, I hate clutter as much as anyone else, but I’m NOT a minimalist

I Like Having More than One Item of MANY Different Things

I just can’t get on board with ridding Items I enjoy or sometimes use because I have “too much.” Almost every time I’ve donated items for the sake of pairing down I’ve regretted it.

Last spring I realized I had several pie pans and on a whim to be minimalistic I purged all but one. Now that the holidays are near there has been several moments where I’ve wished for another pie pan. So much so, that I did eventually go out and purchase one.

It’s safe to say my purge and then regrets causing me to buy another one did nobody any good. That is besides Brian Cornell’s wallet

I Like my Home to be Prepared for Guests and Hosting

While that second set of towels may not be used often, they do get used. I like it when my home is ready for guests.

Having things like extra personal care items, towels, and bed linens makes it much easier to host an unplanned or even planned guest!

I Like Having Extra Food on Hand

It’s a blessed day when you don’t have to go to the grocery store. Sometimes I over-plan my grocery day so full that I have no will to go grocery shopping on top of everything else. But, when my pantry and freezer are empty I have no choice. I have to go so I can make my family dinner.

On the other hand, when I’m stocked up with essentials I can easily whip up several meals even when I’ve run out of all my fresh produce.

Some of my favorite pantry and freezer meals are pasta, quesadillas, pizza, and soup.

I Like Having a Home Base

Typically the minimalist lifestyle goes hand in hand with non-stop adventuring. Whether it’s the bus life or not being tied down to “things.”

I really enjoy inhabiting my home and having things in my home that make it cozy and inviting. I also enjoy having things in my home that are high maintenance and make it harder to leave. We love our pets and while it may not conducive to a minimalistic lifestyle it does make a deeply fulfilling home life. Whenever we do go out of town we eagerly await greeting our cats and dogs when we return.

I Like Convenience and Saving Time

Sure you only need one all purpose cleaner. But, if you’re like me and you have a two story home it often comes in handy to have one on each floor.

Just like my all-purpose cleaner, there are many items that I prefer having multiples of for the sake of convenience even though I could do just fine with one. Those extra few moments are much appreciated by me, and honestly, it makes it more likely for me to actually do what needs to be done if the thing I need is in close proximity.

If that means I have scissors in the kitchen, office, and in my sewing box so be it. Yes, I could get away with one or two but these strategic placements really do help my efficiency when I need them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article! Let me know if you have anything you would add to this list or what your favorite thing about minimalism is.

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  1. November 25, 2020 / 7:10 am

    Hey Amanda,

    I just recently discovered your blog. I can definitely resonate with at least three of these points, however I do consider myself a minimalist (or at least working toward it). I feel like minimalism isn’t necessarily about cutting things out of our life though or only having one of each item and certainly not being always on the move – to me, and I think at it’s core, minimalism is about not having more than what we actually use, not collecting things just for the sake of it and letting go of things that no longer bring us joy or serve any purpose in our life.

    Just another perspective! But totally resonate with the points you mentioned.