5 Ways to Have an Amazing Non-Boozy New Years

By: Amanda Fritzz

Hey friends! Before I dive into this article I just want to make it clear that it’s totally fine if you plan on having a few drinks this New Years. I will surely not be judging you or your plans.

This year Adam and I have made a decision to support a friend in sobriety over the next 30 days so we will not be drinking for New Years or for some time after. Whether you personally are walking in sobriety, supporting a friend, don’t like drinking, or are simply too young this article is for you!

There are so many amazing ways to have fun without consuming a drop of alcohol. It can seem a little daunting on the biggest party night of the year, but fear not there’s still a ton of fun activities you can do while staying away from the temptation!

1) Host a Game Night

This is a great option whether you want drinks to be optional or you want the whole night to be a sober event! Game nights are the BEST and it’s an easy way to help yourself stay up till midnight.

There are a million different party games, but some of my current favorites are Rollick, No Thumbs Challenge, and Cards Against Profanity.

a table with a lot of coffee cups.

2) Have a Coffee and Sweet Treats Party

I don’t know about you, but if you’re going to get me to stay up till 12 a.m. then I’m going to need some coffee.

Seriously though, haha. What’s a better way to bring in the new year than tasty food, good company, and deep talks? Making your house the epitome of a coffee house for New Year’s Eve will give all the right vibes to bring deep and inspiring conversations about. You can even plan out some activities like creating an inspiration board for 2019.

3) Take Time with Loved Ones to Say Goodbye to Any Stress You’ve been Holding Onto

Okay Guys, Couldn’t really come up with a catchy title for this one, but nonetheless it’s amazing. I did this with my husband and our good friend the other week and we all cried, laughed, and prayed together.

So, what we did was each make a list of things we’ve been worried, guilty, or scared of. We each revealed our list, talked it out, and then at the very end prayed over our worries and burned the list. Burning the list is totally optional, its just a good way to visually show your mind that you are giving these things up and saying goodbye. However, feel free to do the whole process and throw the list away or tear it up at the end.

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4) Have a Goal Making Party

What’s a more productive way to start the year than listing out your goals with fellow friends?

It’s been proven that speaking something out loud or writing it down makes it more likely to happen. So instead of keeping your New Year’s Resolutions to yourself host a party that aims to make goals and share them.

This can be through making vision boards, a list of goals for 2019, or even writing affirmations for the people attending. Any of these are sure to have you pumped for the new year ahead.

5) Start Your New Years Goals

Alrighty, here’s the tough one (potentially). Do you have goals for 2019? Why do they need to start on January 1st and not the day before? We can all start this New Year’s Eve by being proactive December 31st and not making excuses to put it off till tomorrow.

As the story goes, tomorrow turns into the next day and so on. So, the best thing to do for yourself this New Year’s whether fun or not is to begin your good habits before the new year starts. That way you’ve already started out the year with your best foot forward.

Whatever your goals are, find a way to celebrate them and take time for them on New Year’s Eve. This is the easiest and hardest idea on this list because all it requires is YOU being there for you!

Happy New Years!! See you in 2019 😉

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