5 Ways to Woo Your Husband this Valentine’s Day

By: Amanda Frittz

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, it’s always nice to take time to pursue your spouse. So, don’t feel like you can only use these ideas one day this year! Instead, make it a goal to shower your hubby with affection on a weekly – and even daily basis.

I know everyone receives and shows love differently, so I came up with an idea for each love language. Whether your hubby is into physical touch, words of affirmation, or anything else I got you covered!

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Dress Down

If your hubby is visual and his prominent love language is physical touch this is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Seeing you in something revealing that is only meant for his eyes will make him feel so blessed. Plus, you’ll have an extra boost of confidence and might even enjoy the aftermath more too!

My Favorite brands for lingerie are Victoria Secret, Adore Me, and Asos. They’re all pretty affordable and have a lot of lace pieces which I tend to prefer the look of. However, if you know of any ethical brands with a similar look I would love the recommendation!

Plan a Romantic Date Night in

If your man expresses his love through one on one time together plan a secluded date night in. You can make an extravagant meal, or order take out. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to create an intimate atmosphere.

If you are looking for ways to boost intimacy, consider making a deck of question cards that will prompt deep and heart-centered conversations. Just be careful not to put in any questions that might be a sore subject. Those are important to go over at some point, just not on a special date night.

Love Notes

Another great gift for Valentine’s Day is heartfelt love notes. One of Adam’s prominent love languages is words of affirmation so he thrives off of compliments and admiration. If your hubby is the same this is the gift for him!

For this gift, you can make as many love notes as you want and place them all in a jar to be taken out and read daily. The notes can be anything from your favorite memories, what you admire about them, or things you are looking forward to in the future.

Once you’ve completed the love notes make instructions for your hubby to grab one a day until they run out. These daily encouragements are a great gift that keeps on giving!

Coupon Book

Does your man love acts of service? Then a coupon book full of redeemable favors is a must. All you have to do is make a deck of cards that have different action calls on them. Some examples could be clean up dinner, give a 10-minute massage, make the next drink, etc. Then take turns drawing cards and completing the actions.

Feel free to add some physical acts of service too. This is your husband after all so there’s no reason to be shy! 😉

Something Sentimental

If your man loves receiving gifts then gift him with something sentimental. You know your hubby best, so choose something that is meaningful to you in your relationship. If you’re unsure, one of my favorite things to surprise my husband with is photo books!

In my opinion, there’s no better way to say “I love you” then walking down memory lane and doting. They also make great conversation starters when you have company over. I always use Shutterfly for my photo books but you could also use vista print or make your own!

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