Mineral Fusion Mascara – Clean Beauty Review

By: Amanda Frittz

I’ve officially decided that I’m making the switch to natural makeup! This is coming from a girl who LOVES Charlotte Tilbury, so I’m a little worried I might not find anything that matches up.

That being said, I am doing a slow switch over. I don’t want to waste all the products I already have, so I’ll be adding in natural products whenever I run out of something.

The first product I decided to test out was Mineral Fusion Curling Mascara. Keep on reading to see if it met my high-end luxury brand standards!

My Thoughts

Okay, to be fair this mascara is only about $18 so it’s a bit cheaper than what I normally spend. However, I have tried multiple drug store mascaras I’ve loved in the past.

Overall, this mascara was not my favorite. My main issue with this mascara was the wand.

Mineral Fusion mascara wand.

Personally, I found the bristles on this brush too spaced out and too short to be effective. The bristles didn’t grab on to my lashes and lengthen or separate them to my liking.

Picture of before and after putting on Mineral Fusion mascara.

As you can tell from the before and after photos using the Mineral Fusion mascara left me with very subtle results. I tend to like something a little bolder, and unfortunately, this mascara does not build well.

The Pros

If you prefer a subtle mascara and like how this formula applied there are some positives worth mentioning.

  • The formula dries down quickly and does not smudge throughout the day
  • The color is very black
  • One layer is clump free
  • It’s very affordable for a natural makeup product
Pin Image - Woman putting on Mineral Fusion mascara.

Still Searching for the Perfect Clean Mascara

Alright, so well I don’t hate this mascara, I definitely don’t love it. Which means I’m still on the hunt for a natural mascara that works! I think my next pick will either be W3ll People or Thrive Cosmetics.

Let me know in the comments what natural beauty product I should try next!

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