5 Ways You Can Use Thieves Essential Oil

Hey everyone! A reader reached out to me and wanted to send me some essential oils from Young Living to try, so I’ve been testing out Thieves essential oil for the last few weeks.

With the Thieves essential oil, I made two 2 oz. spray bottles that consisted of 12-13 drops of Thieves, water, and a teaspoon of vinegar each. I didn’t want to dilute the recipes too much because I wanted the essential oils to do their job and perform at killing germs!

First off, this stuff seriously smells amazing! The blend consists of a ton of yummy essential oils like cinnamon bark, lemon, clove, and more. I could make a candle out of this stuff – It’s that good! But, instead, I made a bathroom spray.

There’s a ton of potential uses for Thieves essential oil, but I thought I’d share 5 easy and practical ways I’ve been using it.

A spray bottle of water and Thieves Essential Oil.

1. Bathroom Spray

Like I said earlier, this stuff seriously smells so good!

I put one of my bottles in our guest bath and have been spraying it before guests come over. You can, of course, use this in-between bathroom trips, or to quickly spray over the toilet and sink if you want to give your bathroom a quick sanitization.

Many of the essential oils in this blend are powerhouse oils at naturally cleaning surfaces. Lemon is great at fighting bacteria, eucalyptus is a natural germicide, rosemary is an antiseptic, and that’s just to name a few!

That being said, this is a great addition to a guest bath where there’s a lot of foot traffic, this along with washing hands can be a great precaution for fighting germs and colds.

Wooden cutting board with knife and herbs,

2. Remove Scent From Wooden Cutting Boards

The cheapest thing you can do to descent your cutting board is just to grab half of a used lemon and rub it all over, but this spray definitely works too!

Not surprisingly, this spray contains lemon in it and seemingly works great at fighting odors. I’m sure this would work on other surfaces too, like getting odors out of clothes or carpets.

3. Spray on Knives After Washing

I hand wash all our nice culinary knives and then immediately dry them off so the blades don’t dull. However, this always leaves me kind of paranoid when I use them for raw meat. I always worry that the soap and hot water from the sink might not be cutting it.

That being said, after washing my knives I’ve been spraying them with Thieves spray and patting them dry to give me some extra peace of mind.

Woman holding basket of fresh veggies.

4. Vegetable Wash

Another great use for this essential oil blend is to use it to help wash your fruits and veggies! Just do a light spritz over whatever you’re about to wash and let it sit for a second before rinsing under the sink.

While this isn’t a super essential step, if you are worried about any dirt or bacteria on your fruits and veggies this will definitely give you peace of mind.

Personally, this isn’t a huge concern of mine unless it’s something like potatoes that can sometimes use some extra scrubbing!

5. Quickly Disinfect Surfaces

The Thieves essential oil is quite the powerhouse and is so versatile. I saw some fun DIYs on hand sanitizer which I totally want to try out in the future!

However, for the easy DIY I made this time around, I have just been using it to quickly disinfect surfaces. Anything from door handles to cleaning up the floor after my dog had an accident. My dogs don’t usually have accidents but they are still adjusting to going to the bathroom in their new side yard with river rocks. The adjustment has been rough, haha! Needless to say, this spray has been getting used often.

Pin Image - 5 Ways You Can Use Thieves Essential Oil

If You’re Interested in Young Living

If you’re interested in Young Living go check out Sydney’s page or use her link! She was so sweet to send me samples to try out.

Personally, I can see myself buying YL essential oils in the future to support stay at home mommas, but I also have a lot of other brands I enjoy so I don’t plan on selling them!

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