5 Daily Habits to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

By: Amanda Frittz

Cleaning a messy house can be extremely daunting. That’s why I prefer to do a little more work each day to make my clean house last throughout the whole week. Implementing just a few daily disciplines can really make your house stay clean longer!

Keeping a clean house is simply easier than cleaning a dirty home. It only takes a few minutes here and there, and it doesn’t require a full day of cleaning. Do you know what that means? Freedom to do the things you want!

Keeping some simple and easy daily disciplines will actually free up your time and help your home stay clean longer.

A clean and clutter free living room.

Don’t let Clutter Build up

Do you know that one place in your house that ends up being the catch-all? Maybe it’s a tray, or perhaps it’s your kitchen counter. Whatever it is, it always seems to catch all the junk – the keys, mail, and other oddities all end up in the one spot.

Stop that before it happens! Whenever you catch yourself throwing something in with the catch-all take an extra minute to put it away in its the proper place. If the item doesn’t have a proper home, then you need to make it one. Make putting things away immediately a rule for you and your family and decrease your clutter.

Putting things away as you go throughout your day is way less time consuming than sorting through a huge pile at the end of the week. This is a great habit to implement and it can be applied to everything.

Getting into the habit of putting things away immediately gives you less work, and it makes your home appear cleaner. So, whether it’s the catch-all, or the coat closet make sure everything is in its place continuously!

Take 10 Minutes to Clean Your Bedroom Each Day

Keeping a space tidy is much easier than starting from square one and cleaning the whole room. That being said, all you need to keep your bedroom relatively clean throughout the week is 5-10 minutes.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place where you can find peace throughout the busy hustle and bustle of the day. So first things first, in the morning make sure you make your bed, clear off the floor, and wipe off any surfaces that need dusting.

This habit will ensure that throughout your day when you walk through and past your bedroom, you will have a feeling of calm. It’s the worst to have a busy day and be surrounded by a space that makes you feel like you need to stop what you’re doing and clean!

  • Make Your Bed
  • Pick Everything up off the Floor and Put Away
  • Wipe Down Surfaces
A simple and clean kitchen with an island in the center.

Clean Your Kitchen as You Cook

Never leave your kitchen a mess! It’s no fun to have to clean before you can get started cooking. Instead, make sure every time you cook you don’t leave the kitchen before it’s been cleaned.

Keeping a clean kitchen is easiest if it’s done right away. You don’t want food spills and splashes to stick to surfaces and become stubborn to remove. If you clean everything as it happens it takes way less effort to wipe it up.

This is an easy discipline to adjust to, and can often not take any additional time in the kitchen. I will try to clean up all my messes when I have a free moment while cooking my meal. This would be while things are on a timer boiling, or in the oven.

Usually, I can have the whole kitchen cleaned up from dinner before dinner is served. Of course, this depends on how hands-on the meal was, but you can adjust your meals to make them less hands-on. Thus, freeing up your time to clean while cooking.

An easy trick I use to do this is I bake almost all my meat! Not only does it free up my hands from cooking, but I also find it’s much easier not to dry out meat when baking it.

Clean High Traffic Areas as You Enter Them

Have everyone in your family participate in this rule. Every time you enter a high traffic area in your home make sure you do something to make it cleaner.

This can be as easy as putting something away or wiping down a surface. If it’s a guest bathroom it may look like throwing out the trash, switching out the hand towels, filling the soap, or wiping the sink and toilet off. This trick hardly takes no time, but by doing it every time your high traffic areas won’t get any messier than the rest of your house.

To make sure you can do this each and every time, have all the cleaning supplies that may be necessary for the room in a designated spot. Being prepared with all the supplies will make it so you don’t have an excuse not to do it!

An at home office space.

Keep a Cleaning Schedule

on top of all these daily disciplines, it’s crucial to have a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule in order to keep your house clean longer.

You want to make sure certain tasks aren’t being ignored over and over. Writing a schedule is a great way to remind yourself, and hold yourself accountable while you get used to your routine. After doing your routine for several weeks or months you probably won’t have to rely on it as much, but it’s still a great tool for your family to use too.

I recommend breaking up your cleaning in manageable chunks, instead of having one day to deep clean the whole house, dedicate 30-60 minutes each day to a particular section. One day can be bathroom day, one day can be kitchen day, and so on.

If you don’t know how to make an effective cleaning schedule, I really enjoy the book Home Management Plain and Simple. Or, if you’re lacking motivation I have a blog post all about finding the motivation to clean here.

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