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My Favorite Christian Podcasts of 2019 - Faith in Home

My Favorite Christian Podcasts of 2019

By: Amanda Frittz

I made a listicle around this time last year of my go-to Christian podcasts, but since then I have found multiple great additions! In fact, I found so many new goodies that I hardly listen to some of the old ones I mentioned last year.

However, I would still recommend the ones on the list from last year so if you’re looking for additional Christian podcasts you can view that list here.

These podcasts range from talking about Theology, biblical womanhood, marriage, and parenting. So no matter where you are in life you’re bound to find something that’s the perfect fit for you!

She Proves Faithful

This podcast was one of the ones I featured last year, and by far is my all-time favorite. The girl who runs this podcast, Lauren, is so down to earth and relatable. She dishes absolute biblical wisdom and truth while remaining humble and calling herself out from time to time. I love the transparency, and that she isn’t just pointing a finger at her audience.

I strongly recommend the She Proves Faithful podcast to single and married ladies alike. if you’re a Christian woman you will get a lot out of this one!

Marriage After God

Aaron and Jennifer Smith are such a fun and lighthearted couple who have hearts for God. Adam and I know them personally and can vouch for their desire to follow God wholeheartedly and cherish each other.

I especially love that the Marriage After God podcast has a ton of additional resources and tools for men and women looking to dive even deeper. Along with their podcast, they have several books aimed at married couples, parenting, and even books to help prepare you for your future spouse.

Real Christianity

Dale and Veronica Partridge have two main ministries, Ultimate Marriage, and Relearn Church. Both these ministries are aimed to help Christian’s with their theology and give them the raw truth of the Bible.

Their podcast Real Christianity covers everything from marriage to hotly debated topics going on in the church.

Courageous Parenting

Isaac and Angie Tolpin are the parents of 8 children! Needless to say, they have some experience with parenting.

Their podcast Courageous Parenting is a goldmine of Godly parenting advice if you are in a season of raising up kids, or if you’re like me and you like to plan ahead! They also have further resources and courses that you can join if you are looking to dive even deeper.

Faithful Life

Matt and Lisa Jacobson also have a large family, and they speak on both marriage and parenting children.

I love Matt and Lisa’s podcast Faithful Life because of the wisdom they have from living life together for so long. They have gone through several hardships and trials together and have so much to share!

The Bible Project

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins have deep theological discussions on The Bible Project Podcast. This podcast complements their Youtube videos which I also highly recommend.

I love the dynamic between Tim Mackie and Jon Collins. Jon Collins is very relatable to the everyday Christian perspective and will probably ask about 95% of the questions you have on each and every subject as Tim Mackie breaks it down.

The Journey Women

The Journey Women podcast is hosted by Hunter Beless along with other Journey women bloggers or special guests.

This podcast is one of the ones I’ve more recently come across, so I’m not as familiar with it as all the above ones listed. However, from everything I have heard the theology is solid. This is a great podcast for women whether you are married or single. The topics are hot topics on things women often struggle with, like perfectionism and comparison.

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