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Hospitality & Entertaining on a Budget - Faith in Home

Hospitality & Entertaining on a Budget

By: Amanda Frittz

While I believe that opening up your home regularly should always be a priority, there’s no doubt that the holidays tend to call for more of it!

I know that when you’re tight on funds hosting a party can seem financially impossible. However, showing hospitality and inviting people in doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Even if you’re tight on money, you can open up your home. Having large or small parties is entirely doable; you have to be a little creative and remember that hospitality is all about showing someone their value. It’s not about showing off.

Adam loves to spoil people for food when we have the finances for it. But, that’s just that – when we have the funds for it. We have gone through seasons where we have done cheap and unimpressive meals or skipped dinner altogether and did coffee and dessert to save money.

Be careful not to let pride get in the way of your relationships and showing people that they are loved! People don’t typically come over just for the food. They come over for the fellowship.

Host a Gathering Between Meal Times

Whether you opt for mid-afternoon or in the evening, having a gathering in between meals means that your guests won’t come with hungry bellies that need to be fed! This is a great way to open up your house to many guests still, while not having to break the bank.

Whenever I do this, I make sure to have water and tea ready for my guests and a small snack like popcorn or cookies. Something like this won’t cost you more than $2-5 if you’re careful to budget. You don’t need anything fancy to have people over and have a good time. Opening up your home and preparing for your guests in even the smallest of ways is going to make them feel special.

Say “yes!” To Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying yes to help! Most guests will ask if they can contribute by bringing a side dish; this is an easy way to save money while still having guests over for dinner!

A man showing hospitality by serving up his guests dinner.

Host a Potluck

Another great way to show hospitality while not spending much is to host a potluck. In fact, by doing a potluck party, you won’t have to spend any more money than you would on a meal for just you and your family!

I also love potlucks for the simple fact that you get to eat a variety of foods and learn some new recipes. Yum!

Use What You Already Have

Don’t feel like you need to go all out with decorations and party supplies to have a good time. Make do with what you have and put in a little extra time to make it look as lovely as possible.

Don’t have matching plates? That’s okay! You can still set your table and put in the effort to make your guests feel extra special.

Something I love doing is taking cloth napkins and doing origami folds for special occasions. This is an easy way to dress up my tablescape with things I already have around the house. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity and time to create a special atmosphere.

Make it “Homey”

Creating a warm, inviting space is one of the most important parts of hosting, and it doesn’t have to cost much or any money at all. Try setting the mood with music, lighting, and a warm and inviting scent.

Another essential thing to keep in mind when you’re hosting is making sure that people can feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have items you don’t want kids sitting on or playing with try removing them ahead of time or cover them up. The more parents have to eye their kids the harder it is going to be for them to focus on having conversation with you.

Hostess toasting a drink with her guests

Be intentional

Hospitality is ultimately not about the food or decor you put out, it’s about inviting people in and making them know their worth. A great way to achieve this is by being intentional with everything from the food to the conversation.

Make sure you are providing something that everyone can eat and coming prepared with one or two conversation topics.

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