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This New Year's Focus on Your Wins & Not Your Losses - Faith in Home

This New Year’s Focus on Your Wins & Not Your Losses

By: Amanda Frittz

I wanted to post some encouragement for this coming New Year as this is the time that we most typically reflect on the past 365 days. This year, stop yourself from focussing on any of your shortcomings or pitfalls. While this is not to say you should be content with failure, it is a reminder that focusing on failure hardly ever does any good.

Instead, make a list of everything you did accomplish and celebrate your successes. Let yourself focus on your wins instead of wallowing in all the ways you could have done better. Give yourself and God’s work in your life the recognition it deserves.

It is beyond easy to get caught up in everything we didn’t do. Jeesh, I do it on a weekly basis when there’s something on my to-do list that didn’t get accomplished! Instead of being happy I accomplished the other 10 things I will feel guilty for letting one go. That’s not to say I should stop trying to improve at my efficiency. However, Instead of focussing on something that didn’t happen my energy would be better spent recognizing all that I accomplished. Furthermore, after focusing on my wins I could then plan out how to make the following day even more productive.

Focus on Your Wins & Make a List

Lists are a great thing. Seriously, they are game-changers. There’s something about writing things down (even virtually) that increases the weight of their reality. A mental list just isn’t the same as a real list.

If you’re used to having a negative mindset and only noticing what you didn’t do expect this to take some time. It can be much harder to recall all the things you accomplished if you’re used to doing the opposite. So give yourself plenty of time to brainstorm and write everything down. Even the small things!

Set Goals for the New Year

Now that you’ve had time to reflect on positive changes you can begin setting goals for the new year.

Make sure that when making goals – especially big or vague ones that you are setting yourself up for success by brainstorming ways you can accomplish them. For example, if you want to grow your relationship with God make a list of things you can implement daily. This could be anything from sectioning out time in your mornings for prayer or listening to the Bible on audio every time you drive.

Goals are always easier to accomplish when we have a solid idea of how we are going to get there. If you want to run a 5k by the end of the year you need realistic milestones to hit. If you just have a far off goal, you will feel defeated automatically when you realize you are nowhere near your goal. Give yourself incremental growth marks to hit your yearly goals and to check in and reevaluate from time to time on how you’re doing.

Know Your Why

The last step that is crucial in being successful with achieving future goals is knowing your why.

Let’s face it, No matter how much we focus on our wins there are going to be days where we just don’t feel motivated. Days like those, are when it’s essential to know the bigger mission and purpose of your goals.

For example, I personally want to grow in being a better servant to the people around me. Why? Because God calls us to glorify him and to make disciples. I believe that the best way to show people God is by living out how Jesus lived and the life he called us to.

Matthew 23:11 “The greatest among you shall be your servant.”

If I didn’t know why it would be really easy for me to give up on days when I feel like being selfish. Or, the days when people around me aren’t as appreciative as I’d like them to be. However, knowing my why is to glorify God and not myself helps remind me of my mission and the purpose of my goals.

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