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6 Daily Cleaning Habits for a Clean and Cozy Home - Faith in Home

6 Daily Cleaning Habits for a Clean and Cozy Home

By: Amanda Frittz

As I grow in my homemaking role, I continue to learn many things. One of the many lessons I’ve learned is that there are daily cleaning habits that take up very little time but help make your home look and feel so much cleaner!

I am clean, but I’m no clean freak… So I’m assuming this list will be pretty relatable. Or, it may be eye-opening to why you always feel overwhelmed with housekeeping no matter how much you do. Having a clean and clutter-free home can do wonders in relieving stress!

To-do lists have been my biggest home management lifesaver whenever I’m creating new routines. So, if any of these things are not part of your daily tasks I highly recommend incorporating a to-do list. Something about being able to check off tasks you set out for yourself for the day is so motivating!

1) Your Bedroom

I strongly believe that your bedroom should be an oasis. If you’re having a hectic day you should be able to go to your bedroom and feel relieved. You can not do that if your bedroom is a mess!

I promise it will take you less than 10 minutes to straighten up your bedroom and it will last the whole day! All you need to do is make your bed and clean up any clutter from that morning or the night before. This takes no time at all and seriously makes the biggest difference.

2) Bathroom Counters

Our bathroom counters seem to get grimy so fast! Honestly, I think it’s partially to blame for our overuse of hairspray, but I also have noticed this is just a normal hazard zone in any home.

Not only should you make sure to put away all your belongings after getting ready, but you should also do a quick wipe down of your counters. You can make this super easy for yourself by always having a cleaning rag ready for you in your bathroom. Chances are if you don’t have one ready to go you won’t do this task as often. Having everything neatly put away and wiped off makes your bathroom seem like it was just cleaned throughout the whole week.

3) Laundry

I know most people despise doing laundry, but I promise if you just take the time to do one load a day it is not that bad!

In my own experience, laundry is only overwhelming when you go days without doing it. If you do a small load each day you can keep on top of it, and it will only take a few minutes to fold and put away.

4) Clean as You Cook

There’s nothing like waking up to a clean kitchen. If you do a quick clean of your kitchen during each meal it won’t take any time at all!

My checklist for keeping a clean kitchen is to take care of any dirty dishes, clean up any big spills or messes right away, and do a quick wipe down of the counters. If you do these few simple steps during mealtimes it will be a breeze to keep your kitchen clean in-between your deep cleaning days.

4) Clutter

Even if your house doesn’t have a speck of dirt in it, clutter will make your home seem extremely unkept! One of the most important daily cleaning habits to have is to not let clutter build up. I’m serious. Don’t even allow yourself to have a spot for unopened mail or junk.

Instead, try to make it a habit where you immediately deal and take care of whatever is needed. If you pick up your mail, sort through it and file it away immediately. If there are any things left out by the end of the night put them neatly away before going to bed. These things take no time at all if you take the time to do it every day.

6) The Floors

While I vacuum my whole house every other day, on the in-between days if needed I will do a quick sweep of the kitchen.

This might look a little different for everyone, depending on how fast your floors get dirty but I would assume anyone who cooks on a daily basis could benefit from this habit. Just a quick sweep at the end of the day will do and it will make a huge difference in how clean your home looks and feels! Emphasis on the feels – no one likes getting crumbs stuck to their socks.

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