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10 Swoon-Worthy Modest Dresses for Spring - Faith in Home

10 Swoon-Worthy Modest Dresses for Spring

By: Amanda Frittz

It’s been a while since I made a blog post about fashion… or a blog post in general on that note. Haha. It feels nice to be back, and talking about something I love – dresses!

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Dynasty George

Okay – so I am actually unsure of this beauty’s name (it’s part of the spring/summer pre-sale), but this is a new dress brand that is ethical and sustainably sourced, and I’m totally here for it.

Her dresses are whimsical, timeless, and oh so darling.

Lucy Dress $128

Ivy City Co.

As if Ivy City Co. dresses weren’t dreamy enough, every dress has a matching mini-me counterpart. Seriously these dresses are what dreams are made of. I already own 3, and you can 100% count on my collection to keep growing.

Laguna Dress – $68

Carly Jeans LA

Can we just all take a minute to appreciate a black summer dress moment?!? I seriously am loving how they managed to get a black dress to look like it belongs on the beach in the middle of July. Obsessed.

Click this link for $5 off.

Brick Palma – $425

Ulla Johnson

This is definitely out of my price range but it’s such a cottage dream I had to include it. If you can, buy it for me, someone needs to wear this.


I had to include at least one dress from Amazon on this list. Honestly, they have a surprising amount of cute and affordable options!


You know I couln’t not include a bold floral print dress for spring! Any dress with a tie waist is basically the perfect dress for any body shape too, so you can customize the fit exactly to you!


I just about gasped when I saw this piece of wonderfulness! Not only is it a beautiful pinafore dress (which I’ve been wanting for ages) but it also turns into a skirt! It’s a two-in-one must-have and I’m telling my husband how I need it in my closet as we speak.


Now that I’m on dress #8 I have come to realize why I don’t do these listicles often… I’m in love. Not with one, not with two, but with all the dresses on this list, and this dress is no exception.

Tiered Smocked Dress – $120


Leave it to Abercrombie to make something that I adore. I don’t know what it is about this brand, but they just kill it at making ultra-feminine pieces.

Shop Maxwell

Can you tell I love neutrals? This dress is seriously stunning and the best part is that I can totally see it being worn on a stroll around town or a special event. I love pieces that can be dressed up or down in a pinch.

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