Baby #2, Potty Regressions, RSV, & The Blessing of Community

by: Amanda Frittz

My oh my has it been a week! Adam and I welcomed our second child on December 21, 2021, via home birth. Everything went so smoothly, too smoothly. Looking back at this last week I’ve teased my husband for jinxing us as he was telling everyone just how smoothly this transition had been compared to our first. He definitely spoke too soon.

The first week of life with two under two was a breeze compared to the transition of being first-time parents. Adam and I had a rhythm, and most importantly we had a plan. We had communicated and planned out just how we would each get enough sleep if, like our son, our newest addition didn’t like her bassinet. We had meals made for the first two weeks, and our church community had planned out how they could best support us.

Fast forward to the second week of our daughter Adeline’s life and both our kiddos came down with RSV. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, life threw us a curveball.

Our 21-month-old son initially had it worse, but our daughter began to show signs of struggling to breathe. She began pulling in on her chest and ribs when breathing and periodically grunting. We decided it would be best to take her to the hospital (January 3, 2022). When we arrived they agreed it would be best to admit her and help aid her breathing.

Fast forward to today as I write this blog, January 6, 2022. Adeline has improved and if all goes well we will be headed home in the morning! Praise God for his healing over her body.

Addison is also much improved, just with some lingering symptoms of congestion. However, with the addition of a sibling and severe sickness back to back the poor little guy has had a complete potty regression. I’m hoping to get him back on track ASAP, but also giving myself and him grace in this craziness.

This has been quite the busy past two weeks – and definitely not the kind of ups and downs Adam and I had planned for. Yet, there have been so many blessings intertwined in our struggles and I wanted to share them with you. God is faithful, and He gives us the grace that we need for each day.

Blessings in the Midst of Change & Struggle

  • Healthy, quick, and a relatively pain free homebirth: Don’t get me wrong, birth is intense, but this home birth was so quick and compared to being induced with pitocin, natural is a breeze! The biggest hiccup with this birth was when I accidentaly sprayed my peri bottle filled with herbal water all over my bathroom walls. I now have some green splattered walls that need repainting.
  • Oneness with my spouse: Sure, adam and I didn’t plan for this sickness to take over our household, but we did have such better communication and planning. I really feel like a team this time around.
  • Financial provision for medical expenses: As our hospital stay got longer and longer I began to worry about the financial impact this would cause as we hadn’t signed Adeline up for insurance yet. Luckily, our plan with Samaritan allows 30 days to sign up an infant and it is retroactive to the time of their birth! Adeline is all signed up, so now when the bills come we don’t have to panic.
  • Our community: We have been so blessed with support since Adeline’s birth and through this sickness. My mom has been such a blessing watching Addison while I’m not home and my husband works. We have received many meals, flowers, and have had so many people praying for us. We have truly felt God’s love through his church body.
  • Family focused medical care: With everything going on in today’s world we were wondering what it would mean to admit our daughter to the hospital. It has been such a relief that I’ve been able to stay with her. Likewise, my husband has been able to come and go for visits.
  • Our two children: Though they had a hard week, we are so blessed to have two overall healthy children, and especially blessed that they have both overcome what seems to be the worst of this sickness.