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My Relationship Status With God Right Now - Faith in Home

My Relationship Status With God Right Now

By: Amanda Frittz


Before I get too many eye rolls when I say my relationship I’m not implying I’m trying to date God. I’m implying my intent to pursue a relationship with God just like you would try to pursue with your parents.  Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get started.

My Relationship with God has honestly been like a teenage girl with her mother. Not consistent and I’m often blowing God off. Sometimes I catch myself reading the Bible every day for a month and having 30-minute prayers. While other times I won’t pick up my Bible for a month and I only do my routinely nighttime prayer. Which is nothing short of robotic. For example, the prayer goes a little something like, “Dear God thank you for all that you have done and please make sure we all sleep safely and have sweet dreams amen” with maybe an additional 1-2 thoughts or prayers for a specific person asking for them. That’s pretty pathetic, but I also have a feeling a lot of people struggle with the same thing.

In my experience, I reach out for relationship with God in times of struggle and when my struggle has gone away I neglect it. Then a few months go by after abandoning the relationship and I begin to feel a need and desire for relationship again.

When making this blog I wanted to make sure I was being 100% transparent and open about my religion and the role it has in my life. I don’t doubt there is a God or that Jesus died for our sins, I believe that with my whole heart. However, I am not the best at trying to learn about God and get to know him. In the past, I have been quite selfish with my time honestly and haven’t put as much of an emphasis on my beliefs as I would like to say I have.

Honestly, without realizing it until writing this article I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to create this blog. It’s a passion (blogging) mixed with my faith, having this Christian lifestyle blog will hold me accountable and kick me in the butt to learn more and pursue my faith.


Holding Yourself Accountable is Important in Pursuing Your Goals


So Here are 5 Things I’m Going to do For the Next 30 Days

1. Read the Bible for 15 Minutes Every Day

2. Make my Prayers Meaningful and Say Something Different Every Night

3. Watch an Online Sermon with my Husband Each Week

4. Listen to A Biblical Marriage Podcast Weekly (Like Ultimate Marriage)

5. Take Weekly Notes on What I Learned and What I Want to Learn Next

I want to encourage you to make a 30-day goal list for you in your life. Whether that looks like mine or not, write down some things you’d like to accomplish over this next 30 days and let me know what they are in the comments!