5 Must Listen to Christian Podcasts for Women

By: Amanda Frittz

The Perfect Podcast for Every Season in Life

I have been LOVING podcasts recently. I opened up to you guys a couple months ago about where I was at with my relationship with God. In that post, I made a commitment to devote more time to reading and learning about God. Since then, I have begun listening to a ton of Christian podcasts along with reading the Bible.

After listening and searching for my favorite podcasts I have found 5 that I absolutely love and think you will too!

1. Woah That’s Good with Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson’s podcast is great for teens and younger women who want to learn from wiser women and men. Sadie interviews a new person each podcast and asks them to share the best advice they have ever been given/the biggest lesson they have learned.

2. The Heart Lessons with Sarah Rieke

If you’re going through a difficult season in life then this podcast is for you! Sarah Ricke interviews a different woman each week and asks them how God has used their trials to work in their lives and their hearts. While it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the present, this podcast is a great reminder that good will come out of your situation if you allow it to be a season of growth.

3. She Proves Faithful with Lauren hlushak

If you’re looking for a biblical perspective that doesn’t mind going against current cultural norms this blog is for you! Lauren talks controversial topics like moms staying at home, abortion, and more in a loving meet you where you are way.

4. Ultimate Marriage with Dale and Veronica Partridge

I’ve mentioned in a post before that Adam and I are apart of the Ultimate Marriage Program! The ultimate Marriage podcast is a free version of the marriage program Adam and I are partaking in. The podcast goes over how to have a biblical marriage and has a variety of topics and questions they address each week. Highly recommend checking this one out if you want an outline of what a biblical marriage looks like.

5. Marriage After God with Aaron and Jennifer Smith

For a more in-depth podcast on a Christian marriage, I highly recommend this one. Aaron and Jennifer go over a lot of nitty-gritty topics like people pleasing, goal making, and intimacy. In going through the topics they attempt to break the issues down into a biblical perspective.

Those are my top 5 MUST listen to podcasts at the moment, if you have a favorite podcast that wasn’t listed let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out! As always, if you liked this article please share it or repin the image down below! <3