5 God Honoring Girls Night Ideas

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By: Amanda Frittz

Having a Girls night is the best! It’s so good to catch up with friends and do things you can’t do with your husband. Though every once in a while, I do talk Adam into doing a face mask with me, I just have to beg.

However, not all girls nights are God-honoring. The typical girls night that consists of chick flicks and gossiping is not growing your relationship with God.

I truly believe that every relationship improves when it’s centered around Christ. Relationships are like a triangle with you and whoever at the bottom ends and Christ at the top. As you both grow closer to Christ you grow closer to each other!

I’ve experienced this in both my marriage and my friendships. My friendships have only deepened and become more meaningful as we have grown closer to God and thus changed what hanging out looks like. I wrote another article on what makes a meaningful friendship, you can read that here.

I promise a friendship after God is not dull or boring either! That’s something I was so afraid of at the beginning of my journey with God. I feared the more I mirrored him the more boring my life would be. That’s totally not the case!

There are so many fun things you can do with friends that honor God and help bring you closer to him.

A flower arts and craft idea for a girls night.

Set up a Crafting Night

I’ve done this several times with friends and it’s always so fun! I’ve done vision boards, scrapbooking, and customizing journals for church.

I love multitasking and getting my socializing in while starting something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s a great way to be productive while spending time with friends.

Plus, something like doing a craft allows for a lot more conversation than a movie! Which is especially great if anyone at your girls night is needing a heart to heart.

Go on a Hike or Have a Bonfire

Being outdoors is the absolute best activity when weather allows it!

It’s so great to be away from distractions for a night, and be able to pour into each other. There’s something about being outdoors that helps me relax and not feel the need to check my emails or social media.

Personally, I love going on hike with friends because like I said above I love multitasking! Hiking allows me to exercise and socialize at the same time, and I love being able to accomplish two things at once.

Multitasking is especially important the busier you become, so if you have kids try to make your girls night time as productive as possible by doing an activity you’ve already been wanting to do!

Mexican burrito bowl meal prep.

Cook Meals For Someone

Having a meal already made for you when you’re sick or have a lot going on can be a huge blessing.

In my church, we have often done meal trains for a family that is going through some trials or having an adjustment period with new kids, etc. While you can do this alone, it’s really fun to make a ton of freezer meals at once with a bunch of girls and split the cost!

I did this about a month ago, and it was so much more fun than cooking alone. We got to chat and make a TON of meals that would have taken me hours and hours to do alone.

Just make sure you plan ahead of time and have people bring a knife, cutting board, and mixing bowl if you don’t have enough! I realized I was a little short on some of those items when I did it, and in hindsight, I would have people bring those along with them.

Pin Image - group of girls cheering at a girls night garden party.

Do a Girls Night Bible or Book Study

Doing a Bible or book study with a group of girls is so much fun! It’s awesome to hear how different people interpret the text. I usually leave a book study with such a deeper interpretation than I had going in after hearing how everyone’s mind absorbed the text.

It can also be really helpful to get idea’s for application. Reading the Bible or a book can be great to do alone, but sometimes I walk away not knowing how to implement what I just read. This is where having a group of ladies can be super helpful!

Just last week the women from our church went through Proverbs 31 and one of the women gave a really good tip on practical application. She said when she reads Proverbs 31 she likes to change the scripture in her head to the modern equivalent and it makes her less overwhelmed.

For example, when you read, “She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar.” the modern day equivalent would be going to the grocery store(s) to get your family food.

Transforming the text into the modern day equivalent makes it a lot less overwhelming and easier to imagine yourself doing.

Woman setting a table for a girls night.

Plan a Tea Party or Special Occasion

I LOVE a good excuse to dress up! I always feel so feminine and confident when I take extra time to pamper myself and wear something pretty.

Planning a social event, like a tea party is a great way to enjoy time with friends! There’s light snacks, yummy beverages, and the perfect surroundings for heart chats.

Personally I love to host, and planning a party allows me to go all out with decorating! While I don’t have the budget to truly go all out, I do look up special ways to fold napkins and ways to transform what I already have.

Something as simple as putting out a serving bowl with fruit in it is a great way to liven up your table and use what you already have! I did this with my tablescape to take it from winter to spring for free and it worked like a charm!

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