How I am Spiritually Preparing for Labor

By: Amanda Frittz

Hey friends! If you don’t already know, I’m about 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby on the way! So, it’s safe to say I’m getting close the inevitable future of this little guy needing to come out. Labor can be intimidating, especially when you haven’t experienced it before. That is why I have begun spiritually preparing myself beforehand so I don’t let fear or anxiety overtake me in or leading up to the moment.

I shared on my Instagram some things I have been doing to prepare for birth spiritually and got a large response of people wanting to know more. So, here I am sharing with you all. If you are a mama or expecting mama I would love to hear what you did to prepare as well!

Reading Books on Motherhood

Being a mother is such an important and valuable role! Throughout my pregnancy, I have been reading books on motherhood along with books that have helped build my relationship and trust with God.

I believe filling our minds with positive Biblical truths is essential for going into labor without facing fear or anxiety. It’s much more natural for our flesh to struggle in angst than to rest in God’s peace. Reading affirming books have really helped me focus on God’s truth and promises. Along with that, I have found reading books on child-rearing and motherhood to be a huge encouragement in how important my role is and how valuable women are to growing disciples of God.

Battle Verses

Another way I have been preparing for labor is by collecting encouraging Bible verses to recite and meditate on now and during childbirth. It’s hard to meditate on the truth when we can’t recall it! While I hope to memorize as many verses as possible, I also have created printouts of all the verses that I want to be reminded of in case I forget them.

You can get my free printables of Biblical Encouragement for Labor here.

Daily Affirmations

Before beginning my Bible and prayer time I have been reading aloud a list of truth-filled affirmations. One of these being that I am a strong and loving mother who God has equipped to give birth and raise disciples of the Lord.

This is a biblical truth! God has given women the ability to grow, deliver, and raise up disciples of the Lord. By God’s grace and love, he has equipped us with the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to walk out what we otherwise could not. Pray to the Lord for the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and affirm yourself with the promises God gives to all his children.

Bible & Prayer Time

Whether you’re spiritually preparing for something in particular or not it is immensely fruitful to be in the word and praying regularly! The more you know God and his character the easier it is to trust him with your life and the life of those you love.

Don’t let busyness stop you from spending time with the Lord. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, take that five minutes to pray.

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