Dear Momma,

By: Amanda Frittz

Dear Momma,

I know your little one can’t say it – but that’s who you are now even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet.

When it doesn’t feel like you are fit, remember that God formed this life in your womb, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

When it feels overwhelming, and your worries of not being enough consume you remember that you can cast your burdens upon the Lord and he will sustain you.

When sleep deprivation gets the best of you, and you feel like you will never have a moment to yourself again, remember that this time too shall pass, so do your best to enjoy this hard but fleeting season.

When you have to choose between sleep and spending time with your husband remember that sometimes your husband needs you too.

When your baby cries and you can’t console them remember that this is all new for them as well. Just like you, they are trying to figure this all out.

When the only place your baby will sleep is on your chest, remember that all they knew for nine months was your warmth and steady heartbeat, and you make them feel safe.

When you feel distant from your husband, remember to have grace and that just like you, he has had a massive change to his life, and he is now a daddy.

When the chores pile up and your house is a mess, remember that somedays all you will be able to do is care for your baby, and that’s okay.

When your once spotless baseboards collect dust remember that you are doing important and meaningful work.

When you have to simplify the meals you cook, remember that you are doing enough.

When you’re feeding your baby before you have eaten, remember that you are glorifying God by being selfless day in and day out.

When your jeans that used to be loose no longer fit remember that your body grew and carried a life.

When you don’t feel like yourself remember that you are now a momma. While that doesn’t diminish who you used to be it does add to who you are now.

God has called You to be a momma and God equips those who are called. So, remember to lean into him for strength, comfort, and purpose during this new season.

You are exactly the momma your baby needs just look at the way he looks at you.

Watch Dear momma,